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 Frequently Asked Questions . . .

        QMy choir is singing one of your publications in a couple of weeks and we’d like to print

                the  words in the bulletin so the congregation can follow along.  What is the procedure

                to get this permission?

         A: Let us know in writing (via mail, email or “Contact Us” on this site) the details:  what, where, when,

                and how many copies you want to make.  We will check the status of the text in question and let

                you know if permission is granted.  If granted, we will inform you of any requirements regarding

                the notice of copyright, its placement, or the author’s name.  This process doesn’t take long, but

                please don’t  wait until the last minute to make your request!  There is usually no charge for this

                type of permission.

        Q: We want to include one of your publications on a CD our choir is making for distribution

                 to members of our congregation.  How do we go about securing permission?

        A: For non-commercial recordings of our publications we normally charge the statutory recording fee 

               (currently about 10 cents) for each recorded copy.  We need to know the title of the publication, the

               name of the organization (church, school, etc.) that plans to produce it, the number of copies you’re

               planning  to produce, the intended audience.  You must contact us in writing, before production begins. 

               We  will  issue a “Permission to Record Copyrighted Material” which clearly states all of the above

               as well as other stipulations regarding the notice of copyright, etc.


        Q:  I have written and recorded some songs.  How do I get them published?

        A: Celebrations Unlimited publishes printed music only.  We do not publish record albums of any

                kind.  Your best bet is to find a recording or publishing company that specializes in the type of 

                material you’ve  written and recorded and submit your material to that firm for consideration.

        Q:  Do you accept lead sheets for consideration of publication? 

        A:  No, we do not.  All submitted materials must be written out in complete and legible form.

        Q:  What are the guidelines for submitting manuscripts for your consideration?

        A:  As stated above, all submitted manuscripts must be complete and in legible form.  Send them

                to  “Manuscript Editor.”  You should never submit your work to more than one publisher at a time. 

                Wait! The review process can take a while, depending upon the time of year and the catalog

                needs of the publisher.   Be prepared to work with an editor if your work is selected for publication

                (sometimes minor changes are necessary).          


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