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“Rhapsody in blues tones” by Georges Gershwin
“Lady Jazz, adorned with intriguing rhythms, walked a dancewalk through the whole world. But nowhere did she meet a knight who would introduce her as a respected guest into the…

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Lev Leshchenko named Alexander Pakhmutov the composer of the century. We think that not only people of the Soviet generation will agree with this, but also those who, over the…

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More than 170 years have passed since the birth of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Hundreds of books have been written about the great composer, published in various languages ​​around the world.…

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Johann Sebastian Bach – The Choice of Music

The surname Bach and the word “musician” have been synonymous in Germany for several centuries, because this ancient family gave the world 56 musicians, but only in the fifth generation was born the one who was destined to glorify the surname – Johann Sebastian Bach. His biographer later wrote that Johann’s work emitted such a bright light that his reflection fell on all representatives of the family. This man became the pride of his fatherland, it seemed as if the art of music itself patronized him. However, during the life of the great composer, he could hardly be considered the chosen one of fate.

Influenced by brother
At first glance, the life path of Johann Sebastian Bach may seem no different from the biographies of other German musicians who lived in the XVII-XVIII centuries. He was born on March 31, 1685 in the small town of Eisenach in Thuringia. Bach became orphaned early – he was only 9 years old when his mother died, and a year later his father. He Continue reading


In the 1930s, the name of this composer was on the lips of all music lovers of the world. Even classical musicians sang his tunes. How did Imre Kalman, who worked in the light genre of the Vienna operetta, manage to achieve such an unprecedented success? It’s simple – his works are considered a win-win option for all musical theaters. It is enough to stage his operetta on the stage, and the theater will be guaranteed to have its own audience. Kalman overcame many difficulties, experienced the greatest success and met true love. His name is now associated with the heyday of the Viennese operetta, because he created vivid, optimistic and funny works, although his life was often not so joyful.

Born on the shores of Balaton
October 24, 1882 in the Koppstein family was born a boy who went down in the history of music under the name Imre Kalman. His parents lived in the town of Siofok on the shore of the largest Hungarian lake Balaton and named their son Emmerich. In school years, instead of his Jewish surname, he took a more neutral – Kalman. Continue reading


This composer composed various spiritual works, but did not admit to anyone that he dreamed of operetta. Then he nevertheless created 80 operettas, although he already dreamed of completing a symphony-oratorio. Over time, Florimon Herve was recognized as the father of the operetta, but the addictions of the eccentric creator always doubled, as, indeed, his whole life. A gifted singer, composer, actor and playwright was eccentric and unpredictable. Nobody knew about his double life, nor about the plot of his best operettas in a madhouse, becoming the most fun and mocking composer of the second half of the 19th century and creating a perky satirical genre.

On the way to church
Little is known about the childhood and youth of Florimon Herve. He was born in the small town of Uden in northern Continue reading


To dance melodies, which were called music for the legs, in any era were treated condescendingly. Opera, oratorios and symphonies have always been considered noble genres, but all kinds of quadrille, waltzes and polkas were attributed to second-rate creations because of their entertaining nature. And only one Austrian composer managed to change this musical hierarchy, raising melodies for dances to previously unattainable symphonic heights. His name is Johann Strauss. He wrote almost half a thousand works. The works of the talented Strauss Jr. sounded in all corners of the world and continue to occupy a leading position in the repertoire of many theaters.

Rival son
Joseph Lanner and Johann Strauss Sr. are considered to be the founders of the “waltz dynasty”. Their art seemed unattainable to many. But this was so until their main rival appeared on the horizon. Ironically, they became the composer Johann Strauss, the son of Strauss – Johann Strauss, Jr., who was born in Vienna on October 25, 1825. Continue reading


The talented and mega-popular singer Prince has released hundreds of musical compositions and almost forty studio albums, 100 million copies of his records have been sold in the world. All this gave him a kind of creative freedom, he could afford unpredictable acts, shocking and eccentricity. And once he just wanted to change his stage name to a complex graphic symbol. He worked for hours in his home studio, and then, going to the thousands of fans on stage, enveloped them with his magic. At first he drove the audience into a frenzy, after which he forced him to listen carefully to the lyrical song. This was the secret of his popularity and magic, fueled by incredible performance.

Life for two
This virtuoso guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and outrageous singer was called a real rebel and a true propagandist of freedom. He was born on June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis and was named Prince Rogers Nelson. Singer Prince His mother, an American of European descent, Matti Della, was a jazz singer. His father, African American John Continue reading

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