The tale of the French writer Charles Pierrot “Sleeping Beauty”, as it turned out, hides many secrets. At least, the creators of the ballet of the same name - composer…

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The Kino group was destined to become a rock legend, not only in the homeland of this musical style in England, but in the Soviet Union, moreover, from the 1980s.…

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It often happens that a musical group or solo artist becomes for many people a symbol of an entire era. Even personal memories seem to be decorated with their music, and it is already impossible to imagine the past decades without their songs.

Such a creative beacon was the “Time Machine” group, whose many years of work have influenced the formation of the worldview of millions of fans.

So it all began
Back in 1968, a rock band was formed within the walls of Moscow school number 19, which the students called The Kids. The current older generation remembers well that in those years there was rarely a school in which their vocal and instrumental ensemble would not play. This fashion was easily explained by the general enthusiasm for the songs of the western idols of those years – The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and other musical celestials.

Andrei Makarevich and his friend Mikhail Yashin then performed in the band The Kids, vocal parts were performed by Larisa Kashpero and Nina Baranova. The children did not hide their love for English-language music, the open-air Time Machine group imitated Western idols, performed at frequent school evenings and concerts of amateur groups.

Soon, fate smiled at the students and gave them a meeting with the Atlanta professional vocal and instrumental ensemble. The musicians arrived on New Year’s school night and gave a concert. During the break Makarevich and friends approached the guests to look at their bass guitars. Of course, the school team did not have such tools. The guys saw them only in the photo with Paul McCartney. The head of the Atlantes, Alexander Sikorsky, was curious that the young men were playing and playing along with them on the bass guitar, noting that without this instrument they were unlikely to get a real rock band. Later, Andrei Makarevich recalled that, having heard this unimaginable sound for the first time, the young musicians made their choice completely and irrevocably. That evening, the guys believed in themselves.

The next year, The Kids group was slightly transformed – it was supplemented by the same fanatically in love with the Beatles students of the capital’s school No. 20. This was the beginning of a long fruitful journey. Without changing the English language, the guys gave their group a new name – Time Machines. It became a prototype of the future Time Machine group of the Time Machine group, but in the plural.

The composition of “Cars” has become exclusively masculine. Andrei Makarevich was responsible for the guitar and vocals. By the way, only he will be a permanent member of all subsequent compositions of the group. Igor Mazaev and Pavel Rubin played bass guitars, Alexander Ivanov played rhythm guitars, Sergei Kavagoe played keyboard parts, and Yuri Borzov was the drummer.

In 1969, the guys managed to record their first songs under the Time Machines brand. Their repertoire mainly consisted of cover versions of well-known compositions of famous British and American groups, but they also performed English songs of their own composition. The Time Machine group Only later did Andrei Makarevich write texts in his native language. Like many other groups, “Cars” fell under the influence of the hippie movement, and this could not but affect both their songs and their lifestyle.

A new decade began for Yuri Borzov and Andrei Makarevich with a significant event. They both become students of the Moscow Architectural Institute. Comprehending the wisdom of architecture, they do not give up music and continue to climb the creative ladder. At the institute, they met with Alexei Romanov, who soon became part of the “Machines”. And in 1971, Alexander Kutikov became a member of the team. He took the place of Igor Mazaev drafted into the army.

Birth of the Time Machine
Despite some fame and the beginnings of popularity, the team still remained amateur. But at this time, Time Machines successfully performed in a beat club that was created in Moscow under the auspices of the Komsomol city committee. It is interesting that over the year the Mashina Vremya group before this Makarevich and the company were not accepted there, reproaching the musicians with a “low performing level.” It is curious that at the very beginning of the journey, The Beatles refused to record songs for the same reason.

The Russian-speaking and now well-known name of the collective for the first time officially sounded in 1973. Since then, the group has forever become “Time Machine”. Until 1975, the team had to perform at dance floors and participate in random concerts. Then in the life of musicians was clearly not the best period, because of which the composition of the group repeatedly changed.

Lucky Hunters
In many respects, the group owed a surge of popularity to acquaintance with Boris Grebenshchikov at the Tallinn Festival in 1976. Now, musicians have the opportunity to often come with concerts to Leningrad (St. Petersburg). The city on the Neva has always warmly welcomed the “Time Machine”, giving the Time Machine group an impetus for real success.

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