The tale of the French writer Charles Pierrot “Sleeping Beauty”, as it turned out, hides many secrets. At least, the creators of the ballet of the same name - composer…

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“Cranes” alone would have been more than enough for Jan Frenkel to enter the history of music and become a popularly loved composer. But “Russian Field”, “Old Waltz”, “Chase”, “Textile…

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In the 1930s, the name of this composer was on the lips of all music lovers of the world. Even classical musicians sang his tunes. How did Imre Kalman, who…

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Mozart managed to conquer all the musical heights that were available at that time, but this did not bring him success in life. Unfortunately, only a few contemporaries could appreciate the full depth of his talent, and he was worthy of the highest degree of fame.

Perhaps the genius was not lucky with the era in which he lived, but who knows, we would now enjoy his works, if he were born at another time or in another place.

Little talent
The future music prodigy was born in the family of assistant bandmaster Leopold Mozart and his wife Anna Maria on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg. Mother could not recover for a long time after childbirth, the birth of her son almost cost her her life. The next day, the boy was baptized and named Johann Chrysostom Wolfgang Theophilus. The Mozart couple had seven children, but five died in early childhood, leaving their older sister Maria Anna and Wolfgang.

Mozart’s father was a talented musician and an excellent teacher, whose work has been textbooks for many years. The outstanding composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartmusical abilities began to show his daughter. The lessons of father and sister on the clavier were incredibly interested in the three-year-old Wolfgang – he could sit for hours and pick up the thirds on the instrument, enjoying the search for the right harmonies. A year later, Leopold began to learn small plays with his son, and then he himself began to compose short melodies, only the child could not yet write down his efforts in a musical notebook.

At first, Wolfgang asked his father to record his creations, and once he tried to convey composed music with notes that were mixed with blots. These samples of the pen were discovered by the father and asked what the child had depicted. The boy confidently stated that this was a concert for the clavier. Leopold was surprised to find notes among the ink stains and was delighted when he realized that his son correctly and in accordance with all the rules recorded the invented music. Father praised his child, but said that such a difficult work to perform is almost impossible. The boy objected, noting that you need to exercise well, then everything will work out. After some time, he managed to play this concert.

Wolfgang Mozart’s first tour
The children of Mozart’s father were unusually talented, so Leopold tried to demonstrate this to the world. He organized a real European tour at the beginning of 1762, composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, during which the family visited the capitals and largest cities, where children played even in front of the highest public – emperors and dukes. Little Wolfgang seemed to be in a fairy tale – he attended receptions in palaces and social salons, talked with prominent people of his era, won praise and invariably heard a storm of applause. But this required daily work from the child; not every adult could sustain such a busy schedule.

The miracle boy, according to the reviews of those in front of whom he played, flawlessly performed the most complex plays and improvised for hours, observing the strict rules of art. His knowledge was higher than that of many experienced musicians.

Despite the rotation in the circles of nobles, Wolfgang Mozart retained his childish immediacy, openness and lightness. He did not write gloomy music and was not an inveterate genius. A lot of funny stories and curious cases are connected with him.

18th century miracle
The Mozarts lived in London for more than a year, where Wolfgang met Bach’s son Johann Christian, with whom he improvised and played the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartv four hands. Then the family spent almost another year in various cities of Holland. During this period, Mozart’s musical treasury was replenished with a symphony, six sonatas and a collection of capriccio.

The program of his performances has always amazed listeners with complexity and variety. His virtuoso playing of the violin, harpsichord and organ mesmerized the audience, who nicknamed the boy “The Miracle of the Century.” Then he truly conquered Europe. After a long and grueling journey, the family returned to their native Salzburg in 1766.

Father did not let Wolfgang relax and began to work hard with him on the composition and rehearsals of concert programs, so that new performances by composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartzakrezpechit success. He wanted to make his son not only famous, but also wealthy, so that he would not depend on the whims of the powerful people.

Mozart began to receive orders for works. For the Vienna theater, he wrote “Imaginary simpleton”, having successfully mastered a new complex genre. But for some reason, the comic opera was not staged on stage. Wolfgang experienced this failure very hard.

These were the first manifestations of the opponents ’hostility towards their 12-year-old colleague, because now he was not just a miracle child, but a serious and famous composer. In the rays of his glory it was easy to fade.

Young Academician Wolfgang Mozart
Then Leopold decided to take his son to the homeland of operas – in Italy. Three years to young Mozart applauded Milan, Florence, Rome, Venice and Naples.

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