Johann Sebastian Bach - The Choice of Music
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GENESIS - Pioneers of Art Rock
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In her youth, Elena Surzhikova was struck by the songs of Patricia Carly “Forgive me this whim” and Margarita Velazquez “Besame Mucho”. “These are women!” She admired and once dreamed of writing her song and singing it just as well.

In life, Elena Pavlovna met interesting people, tried to imitate them. Like many, she tried to assert herself and prove to herself and others that she could take the set height. Caught on the path of life and those who did not believe in its success. Sometimes her own hands fell. All the emotions, impressions, joys of victories and sorrows gradually began to turn into songs. A childhood dream has come true.

The city in which stars are born
The grandmother of Elena Surzhikova, Eugene, died during the bombing in 1942 in the city of Slavyansk (Donetsk region, Ukraine). Her two daughters – Galina and Tamara – were identified in an orphanage. After the war, Tamara graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk College of Music and was assigned to the city of Urgench. The girl was supposed to work for three years as a choir conductor and took her sister with her.

Galina met in Urgench Pavel Gorbenko. I married him. October 11, 1952 they had a daughter, who was named Helen. A little earlier, Anna German was born in the same city.

School years
Two years later, a young family moved to the city of Zavolzhsk, Ivanovo Region. There, Elena completed five classes, and then the composer Elena Surzhikov moved with her mother to the city of Slavyansk.

Galina Georgievna wrote poetry, taught her daughter to play chess. Together read books excitedly. The girl spent five years in the basketball section, participated in KVN, sang in the school choir, and then the girl’s ensemble “Dream”.

Elena Surzhikova believes that her creative biography began at age 14, when she was presented with the guitar, which she had long dreamed of. Classes in the circle were conducted by Alexander Sidelnikov – laureate of three international jazz competitions. Sometimes he gave open lessons in which the guys listened to how Mater plays. Elena was fascinated by the game of the teacher and himself. The first love came to the girl’s heart, of which only she knew. A year later, the teacher began touring, and by that time the students could already pick their favorite tunes themselves. So the biggest dream came true – to learn to play the guitar.

The bitter love of Elena Surzhikova
At the age of 16, Elena tried to enter the Ippolitov-Ivanov School in Moscow. The girl was listened to by a very famous teacher – singer Irma Yaunzem. Composer Elena Surzhikova. She said that the entrant’s vocation was pop and jazz, but they were accepted only to the public department in a non-resident school. There was a feeling that everything collapsed. What to do next?

Elena returned to Slavyansk, went to evening school and worked as a student of a waitress. Soon she married and gave birth to a son, Eugene. The marriage broke up after three years. Elena at that time sang and played in the youth cafe “Spark” in the ensemble “3 + 1”. Then she lived in Ukhta and Syktyvkar for two years, and sang in restaurants.

Returning to her mother and son, Elena received an invitation from musician friends to return to the team. It turned out that people remember her.

At this time, Elena Surzhikova writes her first professional song “My bitter love”, and then she meets great love. The feeling was mutual, but the beloved man was married. I had to gather my will into a fist and be able to let him go. So on August 6, 1976, the anthem of love was born – the song “I Will Not Lie!”

Kaleidoscope of life
A year later, Elena went to work in the Oryol Philharmonic. It was a lot of interesting trips, studying at the Kaluga cultural enlightenment school, composer Elena Surzhikovarabota in the Ternopil Philharmonic. She worked in the musical groups “Impromptu”, “Young Voices”, “Dniester”. She performed in joint concerts with Jaak Joala, Sofia Rotaru, Nikolai Gnatyuk and many others.

During this period, Elena Pavlovna marries again and lives in the city of Balabanovo, Kaluga Region. Five and a half years later, the marriage broke up. She took her son and lived with her aunt (Tamara Georgievna was already married) in Moscow. She worked in restaurants in the capital and graduated from the Gnessin School of guitar courses.

In 1983, Elena married Sergei Mikhailovich Surzhikov. He is a lawyer by training. A year later, their daughter Tamara was born, and another four – son Peter. The house was filled with love and happiness.

While the children were growing up, in the cares of the family, creativity faded into the background, but when the guys a little composer Elena Surzhikov grew up, Elena Surzhikova began a turning point. She went to bed and could not sleep. Then she fled to the bathroom and there in a hurry wrote down words and notes that asked outside and did not give rest. And then the question arose: what to do about it ?! Elena Pavlovna worked “at the table” without the hope that someone would someday be able to hear what was written.

The fateful meeting of Elena Surzhikova
Elena shared her creative experiences with a friend Boris Bogrychev. He was a drummer in the groups “Flowers” and “Araks”, played with many performers. They were friends of families, sometimes working together in restaurants. Boris listened to her songs. He liked them…

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