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The featured publications listed below are a sampling of the many fine publications that make up the catalog of Celebrations Unlimited Music Publishers.  Some of these are brand new, others have been around for many years and are considered to be standard repertoire by many directors. Check them out through your local music store or directly from Celebrations Unlimited.

For additional information about any title, click on the Catalog Number (CU xxx)  





Rainbows and Butterflies (CU 146) is a delightful collection of songs, games, and other learning activities for children.  Irvin R. Dohner's extensive experience with the involvement of young children in worship and music forms  the framework  for this publication.  It contains selections for speech choir,

unison singing, the use of Orff and other rhythm instruments as well as activities centered around worship.  Celebrations Unlimited is pleased to be the publisher of this practical and useful resource collection for children.  [24 pp, Unis, kybd, $7.50 ea.]






A Hymn for Peace (CU 219) by Eileen M. Nelson is especially relevant to

the troubled times in which we live.  A poignant plea for deliverance from the tragedies of war is set to a solid yet simple tune.  Eileen's text and tune were superbly arranged for easy SATB and organ by her father, noted composer and conductor Ronald A. Nelson.  This is a truly beautiful, very singable and deeply thought-provoking work that touches the hearts and minds of singers and listeners alike. [8 pp, SATB, Organ, $1.85 ea.]






Inspired by the tragedy of September 11, 2001, We Will Not Fear! (CU 239) is especially suitable for Reformation Sunday.  Garry A. Cornell has set familiar passages from Psalms 46 and 47 as well as an obscure text by 16th century author, Jon Roh in a stirring new anthem of hope and trust.  A

 separate part for congregation, for inclusion in worship bulletins, is available from Celebrations Unlimited.  An arrangement of the accompaniment only for Brass Quintet is also available (CU 239-P). [8 pp, SATB, Organ, $1.85 ea.]





The beautiful traditional Christmas carol from County Wexford, Ireland, known as The Wexford Carol (CU 108) has been masterfully arranged for SATB a cappella by Robert P. Wetzler.  A deeply moving carol in its own right, Bob Wetzler's treatment of it is superb, greatly enhancing the gently flowing lines, the unusual harmonies and melodic movement of this wonderful, timeless Christmas carol.  [8 pp, SATB, a cappella, $1.85 ea.]





One of the most delightful pieces in our catalog, Douglas E. Wagner's anthem, Sing a Happy Song (CU 115) has been on our "best seller list" for many years.  It's a 2-part anthem for youth choirs of all ages, and seems to be particularly attractive to the difficult-to-find-music-for junior high-age choirs.  The two parts alternate the two main musical themes throughout, and the end result is a fun-to-sing piece that singers and listeners really enjoy!

 [8 pp, Two Part, Kybd,$1.85 ea.]






Composer and master organist Michael A. Burkhardt has set the well-known tune, Festal Song of William H. Walter (1825-1893) in this powerful anthem for Advent or Christmas: Arise, Behold the Light! (CU 208).  It is scored for Choir and Congregation (reproducible part included), and is accompanied with Organ, Brass Quartet and Timpani (CU 208-P).  Part of our Festival Te Deum Series, this excellent work brings a truly festive spirit to the Church's observance of Advent and Christmas.  [8 pages, SATB, Organ, Brass, $1.85 ea]      







Lead On, O King! (CU 236) is a stirring arrangement of the tune, Lancashire of Henry Smart (1813-1879).  Composer Garry A. Cornell has coupled the well-known text and tune with parts of two other texts along with an abundance of original music and created a highly festive anthem for Choir and Congregation.  Particularly useful as the final hymn in a service of worship, the work is intense and moving.  It is a part of our popular series, Festival Hymns  for Choir and Congregation. 

[8 pp, SATB, Organ, $1.85 ea.]





Master composer Robert Leaf has created a most unusual setting of the well known text of George Weissel (1590-1635), "Lift up your heads, you mighty gates" Behold the King of Glory Waits! (CU 114) has been called "light years ahead of its time."  Leaf's distinctive styles of harmony and rhythm

are at their finest in this work, which combines fast-paced rhythmic passages with others which are long and sustained.  Ideal for Advent as well as Palm Sunday, this piece captures the spirit of these occasions in the contemporary Church.   [8 pp, SATB, Organ, $1.85 ea.]







These Things Shall Never Die (CU 238) by Garry A. Cornell was  commissioned by The All Ohio Youth Choir, Charles R. Snyder, Conductor, in memory of a former member who died under tragic circumstances.  It employs a text by Charles Dickens (1812-1870) which is set with a singable, moving

melody and rich harmonies.  The unusual ending is particularly poignant.  This  anthem is a part of our Let There Be Music series of works commissioned by The All Ohio Youth Choir and is especially useful for school or community choir concerts and other events.  [8 pp, SATB, Kybd, $1.85 ea.]





Come Share the Feast  (CU 206).  Internationally acclaimed composer, Hal H. Hopson has transformed a simple canon by W.A. Mozart into a lovely SAB anthem for Holy Communion.  Employing a fresh, new text by Allen Clark this work is certain to bring about heightened awareness of the earth/heaven relationship of the Lord's Supper.  The melody is shared by each of the three parts, in canon, and the accompaniment provides interesting, Mozart-like counterpoint throughout.  A meaningful and delightful anthem for SAB voices. 

 [8 pp, SAB, Kybd, $1.85 ea.]





The  tune, Crucifer of Sidney H. Nicholson (1845-1947) has been skillfully arranged by Paul J. Christiansen in one of the most unusual settings of this popular hymn, Lift High the Cross (CU 154).  The accompaniment in the printed score is for piano or organ, but parts for Brass Choir, to be used with the keyboard accompaniment, are available separately (CU 154-BR).  This is a powerful, majestic work suitable for any festive occasion.  The divisi may be omitted making the work suitable for any size SATB choir.  This is another in our Festival Te Deum Series.  [8 pp, SATB opt. divisi, Kybd, opt. Brass, $1.85 ea.] 





One of our most widely distributed publications is a delightful anthem, Give Thanks and Praise (CU 177) and is one of the true, timeless "gems" of the Celebrations Unlimited  catalog.  Composer Henry Kihlken has taken a simple keyboard work by George Frederick Handel (1685-1759) and transformed it into an  exciting anthem for children's or adult treble voices (SA).  This work is on the required list for Jr. High school choirs in a number of states and continues to be one of the all-time best sellers of Celebrations Unlimited. 

[4 pp, SA, Kybd, $1.65 ea.]



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