For some, the name Giuseppe Verdi means the whole world, but someone may have just been touched by one of his operas, say Rigoletto, and therefore there was a desire…

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Sometimes, in order to say in concise and succinct phrases about a group, its place in the musical horizon, and its role in the life of fans, you need to…

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The talented and mega-popular singer Prince has released hundreds of musical compositions and almost forty studio albums, 100 million copies of his records have been sold in the world. All…

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The Kino group was destined to become a rock legend, not only in the homeland of this musical style in England, but in the Soviet Union, moreover, from the 1980s. The team got into the cultural mainstream of that period. After the death of the frontman and vocalist of the group Viktor Tsoi, the collective ceased to exist, but this huge empty musical niche still remains empty.

Timeless music
The relevance of the group is beyond doubt, new generations accept and understand the work of “Cinema” in their own way, but invariably replenish the ranks of age-related fans of the collective. This is the rare case when the music is out of time and space, and the formed image and style of the group over the years is perceived more meaningfully. Continue reading


Fans of the legendary Metallica band are so dedicated and uncompromising that it can be compared to religious adoration. Legends circulated about their booze during the tour, and journalists called the group “Alcoholic.”

Among all this confusion bordering on lawlessness, the group received its share of hardships and tragic events – car accidents, death, broken limbs, burns. These events were a test of strength for the group. They survived and became the gold standard of heavy metal, playing “honestly and selfishly” in the apt expression of frontman James Hetfield.

From Danish Origins
It all started in small Denmark, where Lars Ulrich, the drummer of Metallica, was born. Since childhood, keen Continue reading

GENESIS – Pioneers of Art Rock

The development of rock music in general and its intellectual direction in particular is impossible to imagine without the British band Genesis. It was she who turned into the channel of epic art the avant-garde progressive rock, which was opened by Pink Floyd. If other groups followed the direct connection of classical motifs with modern music, Genesis became the pioneers of art rock – a completely new musical art.

British Genesis
Five members of the Genesis group, who stood at its origins, have become one of the most respected figures in the international rock movement. They began their rehearsals while still young students. This happened within the walls of the famous English Charterhouse school. The original composition of Genesis was formed through the merger of the two school groups. Peter Gabriel was engaged in vocals, Tony Banks became the keyboard player, Anthony’s Genesis Phillips became the guitarist, Mike Rutherford played the bass guitar, and Chris Stewart conjured the drum Continue reading

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This composer worked with the hope that his works will help people become at least a little happier and serve as a source of vivacity and inspiration. With such thoughts,…


Even those who are far from the world of music have probably heard at least once about the outstanding composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and his immortal creations - the musicals…


“Rhapsody in blues tones” by Georges Gershwin
“Lady Jazz, adorned with intriguing rhythms, walked a dancewalk through the whole world. But nowhere did she meet a knight who would introduce her as a respected guest into the…


It took humanity almost two centuries to learn, understand and appreciate the music of the great Antonio Vivaldi again, because soon after his death he was unjustly oblivious. In the…